Motorcross Nieuw-Vennep 2014

In the small town of Nieuw-Vennep there is a yearly motorcross event, simply called Motorcross Nieuw-Vennep. I figured I could get me some nice roaring engine sounds by taking a visit.

What I like about this recording is the tension before the start. Then when they’re off, there is a nice fast uplifting dynamic of all the motorcycles passing by and you get some kind of unison roaring of the engines.

Rome 2014


I spend almost a week in the beautiful city of Rome. A great place to discover new sounds.

Churches and basilisks are one of my favourites because of their acoustic nature. It’s hard however to get the reverberation of the rooms well recorded because a visitor is often asked to be quiet. Luckily there are, accidently, janitors to mop the floor with a cleaning machine, big speakers where voice-overs announce to be quiet or security-guards that loudly ‘shhh’ to the tourists, in order to make them whisper more quietly.


New branche

Tree recording

Recording the squeeking branches of an old tree. Because of the downward position of the tree I was able to move the branches easily and compose the sound.

IJmuiden Beach, waves

Nice weather in januari calls for a field recording. The waves are crashing nicely onto the IJmuiden-pier. I might go back though when the weather is not that friendly for more aggressive waves.

Recording at Noordwijk beach

After some time I thought it would be an good idea to visit the seaside of Noordwijk again. Tried some different audio recordings of the typical rough Northsea. Luckily there was also an helicopter passing by!